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March 11, 2007



That's so sad! All those poor doodles. It's getting bad with the labradoodle breeding. So many Australian breeders have worked so hard to perfect the labradoodle standard and so many American breeders have taken it and run with it, breeding for money and not for health, temperment or advancing the breed. I read an article about the AKA possibly accepting the labradoodle as a breed. However, they are going to categorize Australian and American labradoodles. The labradoodle would have to meet a strict set of standards (such as being multi-generational). It's no wonder people get upset about "designer" dogs being bred when it's under circumstances like this!


I can't believe that someone who supposedly loves dogs could treat them that way. How can that be possible? And why did the lady want to donate the dogs, rather than sell them and make money on them? Labradoodles are popular! So sad...


How horrible! I find it amazing that someone who works for a vet could treat dogs that way! You said you were going to take action...I hope you were able to get someone to listen.


This story is absolutely appalling! Such cruelty! Did you report this woman? And what happened?


That's just horrible. I can't believe that.


I would not have been able to wait to take action. I think I would have used my cell, right then & there, and called the police to report the animal cruelty. Then, I would have slapped that woman, or maybe locked her into one of the crates, so she could see what that felt like.

Cynthia Blue

That is absolutely awful. :( Those poor dogs, I hope she gets busted. I have a recently adopted collie girl from a collector, she is amazingly well adjusted but is wary of people.


Well, at least you are able to take action... Where I live, all we can do is to take the pups away and try to find suitable homes for them. When they are not pure-bred, it's 5 times more difficult to do this, as no one wants to adopt mixed races or street dogs..
Very sad.


Firstly - you should be rescuing puppies - NOT buying them.

How many puppies died alone in their cold concrete cells while you were merely visiting this breeder?

Hundreds of thousands.

The more people who support breeders - the more reason for these selfish people to treat animals as objects that make them money.

Set a precedent - and show your blog viewers that you really do indeed TRULY care about dogs - and adopt, don't buy.


Now looking for information about the puppy broker...
Kimberly Dildine (William)
3551 County Road 65793

any one knpws of them???


Thats so sad! you should rescue them. htt://

NY Tails

Puppy mills like that are absolutely awful. You should call her on the animal cruelty hotline. That's just sick.

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at least you are able to take action... Where I live, all we can do is to take the pups away and try to find suitable homes for them

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That's just sick.


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